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1. tiro - June 17, 2008

Salaamu Alaykum Brothers/Sisters of Hamilton,

I was wondering if we can post anonymous questions and let our Imams answered best of thier ability. quite a few people on our community would be delighted to post and read answers to their embarrassing questions. I figured it is a though to consider.

anonymous brother

2. hamiltonmuslims - June 22, 2008

Alaikum Salam,
Unfortunately we can not allow an approach as you have requested. We are only an online newsletter organization. Similar kind approaches are widely available in the world of internet however we are not agree with them as well. Such regarding questions and seeking knowledge should be directed to our local scholars or authorities on religion in our community. We encourage anyone with such regards should contact to local mosques’ imams as we believe this should be better solution.
Hamilton Muslims/Editor

3. Asim Soomro - August 23, 2008

Asalam Walekum

I would like to know if there are any Muslims currently attending the Westdale Secondary School in Hamilton.

If so, are there any arrangements for offering the Jummah Prayer in the school?

Thank you for your time

4. Luz Angela Gualtero Castro - February 16, 2009

My name is Angela, I am very interesting to participate in a meet Public Health Careers- Tuesday, Febraury 17th, 2009 6-9pm. I am Physiotherapist.

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