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Mosques Around


Informations of the Mosques in Our Community will be published here

Hamilton Downtown Mosque

Hamilton Mountain Mosque

Umar Mosque

Bosnian Mosque

Ebu Bekir Mosque

Ibrahim Jame Mosque

Halton Mosque



1. Nadra El Barky - May 21, 2008

Dear Sir,
we are a new comers, and we will arrive Hamilton around June 20th,
and we want to settle at Hamilton, and to be sure that there is a muslim community at Himlton. can you give me a good idea about this. thanks in advance.

2. Tahbit Chowdhury - June 10, 2008


Please do not refer to the various Hamiltonian Mosques as “Bosnian” or “Afghan” etc. Given ethnic labels to a Mosque is not appropriate.

However, it is perfectly legitimate to highlight the language of delivery in other ways (consider a table-format approach).

3. Hamilton Muslims Newsletter (Editor) - June 15, 2008

We are working on this page to update with the correct referring however some mosque organizations prefer to present their identity with their ethnic mutual.
Thanks for your concern to make it better with together

4. haniza - June 19, 2008

My colleague and I shall be undergoing an attachment programme at Mcmaster’s University in August. Am thinking about meeting up with other Muslims. Also need help on info. re. halal food.

5. hamiltonmuslims - June 21, 2008

We advise you to contact to http://www.macmsa.com
McMaster Msa and direct your questions to them as they can help you better in the area you are interested to know things.
WaSalamu Alaikum

Hamilton Muslims/Editor

6. haniza - July 7, 2008

Is there a possibility of meeting some muslims during my visit to mcmaster’s in august? Also appreciate info on halal meat and foods. I am a malaysian.

7. rtsfo - March 20, 2010

To all religious human beings,
We want dialogues according to your holy books in peacful manner by mail and as well as personally.You can contact us, we wish before your response, Pleas visit our website.waiting for your response.www.alislam.org

God Bless you.
Yours brothers,
RTSF of hamilton

8. rtfsohamilton - March 21, 2010

Dear brothers and sisters,
We are ten member of this forum ( Religious Truth Seekers Forum of Hamilton,Canada).We are wish to discuss different religious matters with their own Holy Books, through internet as well as personel in hamilton.
Now we want to draw your attention for your own religious according to your own Holy Books.Then we will choose the topic for disscussion with you. Please send your contact number including personel e-mails address and telphone number for further disscussion with your goodself .
It will be highly appriciated if you response to our forum by internet/ personelly .
May God bless you for this act of kindness.
Yours brother,
RTSF of Hamilton

9. ijaz - March 21, 2010

learn true understanding of Holy Bible and Holy Quran along with their comparison regarding verse by verse.This is only for blessing of God.You donot need charges for this act of kindness.Only fix appointment with us throuh email.

10. Mulikat - April 27, 2010

salam, i’m a graduate student looking for a 3 bedroom house/ town house in a good neighbourhood for me and my family by august 2010.

11. rtsf - May 1, 2010

We have dvds for those Muslims who want to learn Holy Quran on the follown topics.
1 How to learn the Holy Quran (basic)
2.How to recite the Holy Quran.
3.How to understand(tafseer) in Urdo.
4.How to undestand(tafseer) in English.
If anybody email his request for the above dvds, we can give him, with any cost, in Hamilton area.Believe us we will No charge for the above dvds and links, for better understanding of Holy Quran. Only send us email for dvd. our address is =rtsfohamilton@yahoo.com

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