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As Salamu Alaikum Dear Brothers & Sisters!

This little article is announcing that we have a “Kids” page in our site.
Internet is the one of the most dangerous places to be and easy to reach from your home environment for our youth and for all. Basically we set up this page for the parents to direct their children if they have to. We say, “If you have to” because the best solution is for our youth is keeping our children away from the danger of the Internet world.
It is certainly not different as keeping our kids from an intensive fire. Unfortunately many parents do not aware or beware of this situation. Parents leave their children alone or unassisted with the computer running Internet unfiltered. This situation is far more important then designing safe environment for our youth but education on how to introduce these environment to our youth safely such as Internet, TV, and Games etc.
We intend to put safest games and activities from Internet world frankly when it comes to safe Internet for Muslims there are not many choices. Even the simple email client pages such as MSN, Hotmail and Yahoo would do visual harm for all.
We, insha’Allah, try to put links; articles and information on this page for the parents who wants to assist their children’s Internet usage. So It may sound a little different then usual Kids pages in the world of internet.
We ask your help, opinions and instructions that you may come up with or you have been experiencing that might help our community on this issue.
Wasalam Alaikum

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1. israel - March 17, 2008

go ahead & dont look back

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