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A Trip to Science Centre & Movie ”Journey to Mecca” March 7, 2009

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Queens Night (Halal Prom Night) June 19, 2008

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Assalamu Alikom all,
Graduating this year? Do you have a ‘halal’ prom to go to?! Not graduating but wanna have fun anways?!?! We have it all!!

Unforgettable Evening!!

When: Sunday, June 22nd, 2008
Time: 6:00pm – 10:30pm
Where: Afro-Caribbean Association
Tickets: Limited Seats!
Graduate – Free (registration required)
Family of Graduate – $10.00
Guests/Others – $15.00
At the Door – $20.00

Dinner Included! Fun Program!!

Bara’ah Al-Shawarghi dr_baraah@hotmail.com 905-929-9122
Hafsa Ali hamali113@hotmail.com 905-902-3143
**If you are a graduate please contact
Suaad Abdi @ beauty_in_islam@hotmail.com 905-541-4994
for registration

See you all there!!

CCMW Scholarships for Muslim Women June 14, 2008

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Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW) is currently accepting applications for its scholarships for the 2008-2009 academic year. Scholarships will be awarded to Muslim women pursuing post-secondary programs in education, social sciences, social justice, media and the arts.

At its 25th Anniversary conference last year, CCMW awarded its first Lila Fahlman scholarship to two Canadian Muslim women. Through the generosity of community members, this year CCMW has added two new awards.

The scholarships to be offered in 2008 include:

Muslim Women in Leadership Award, for which CCMW was able to secure funding through the work of Dr Nozhat Choudry and Saima Haider, will be awarded to Muslim women pursuing studies in media and the arts.

Social Justice Award, sponsored by Hassan Law Office of London, Ontario

The Lila Fahlman Scholarship, named after the late Dr. Lila Fahlman, founder of CCMW and renowned educator; sponsored by CCMW with a generous donation from Ash-Lee Maritime Inc, Fadumo Gurey and CCMW members and friends. Preference will be given to those students enrolled in social science, education or communication programs.

The scholarships will be awarded to Canadian Muslim women who are enrolled in a full-time undergraduate or graduate degree program, diploma or certificate programs at a Canadian college or university. At least one of the recipients of the Lila Fahlman scholarship will be a Muslim woman of African descent interested in health promotion and/or social justice. .

The deadline for application is 18 July 2008. Award Recipients will be announced in early fall 2008. For more information visit www.ccmw.com

Sister’s Beginners Arabic Class Starts at HDM April 12, 2008

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Sister’s Beginners Arabic Class is going to be started on May 3rd, 2008.

Brothers Beginner Class will be coming an opening soon…

Place : Hamilton Downtown Mosque

Fee: $25/A Month

Contact: aygize@gmail.com, 905.906.0587

Open House on March 15th- ALL WELCOME! February 29, 2008

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Qirat’ul Qur’an Competition 2008 Trailer By McMaster MSA February 9, 2008

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The Qirat’ul Qur’an Competition 2008
The Qirat’ul Qur’an Competition 2008 is the 10th annual qira’at competition hosted by McMaster University Muslim Students Association with the sole purpose of glorifying the Holy Qur’an. QQC 2008 will be held in a Hamilton downtown theatre and promises multi-level competitions, over 50 competitors, a vibrant food and bazaar area, and hundreds in audience and volunteers.

There will be two aspects to the competition this year. The juniors competition will be composed of various Islamic schools that compete to have the best tajweed. Children attending Islamic Schools are encouraged to come to the Qirat’ul Qur’an Competition. This event regularly draws several Islamic School students from a variety of different Islamic School programs. Come attend this year’s Qirat’ul Qur’an Competition, and experience what these students have been learning!

The Seniors competition caters more to university students and involves 7 MSAs competing to have the best tajweed and memorization skills. This part of the competition provides one of the best recitation exhibitations inshAllah from brothers at the following universities: McMaster, University of Toronto – St. George, University of Toronto – Mississauga, University of Toronto – Scarborough, Ryerson, York and Western.


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by Sheema Khan

During the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, I remember the stories emanating from France of young Muslim schoolgirls expelled for wearing the Hijab.

While many of the young sisters were permitted to return to school wearing the Hijab, wider questions had been raised.

How does a purely secular public school system accommodate religious beliefs? What about the issues of freedom and oppression of women? Were these girls influenced by the “integristes” of Algeria, who were aspiring to implement an Islamic government in the former French colony?

Was this another example of “immigrants” failing to integrate into French society (a favorite theme of le Front National, a national anti-immigrant party)? Was this the beginning of the end of the strict separation between church and state?

Read All Via Oppressions To The Hijab 


Turks move to ease headscarf ban

protests against hijab

Lifting Turkey’s headscarf ban

Tajikistan: New Curbs Target Islamic Students

Call for Female Muslim Talent! Sound Vision Canada February 8, 2008

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If you are a young energetic sister with public speaking and acting skills or have experience with on-screen performances of any sort, Sound Vision is looking for YOU!


Sound Vision is looking for female Muslim talent for its upcoming creative and educational video productions.

Whether you like performing as a character or prefer working behind the scenes, we invite you to contact us!

What a great way to express your creativity and to give back to the community! Let us know a bit about yourself and any valuable experience related to your talent!

Email: Talent@SoundVisionCanada.com or call 905-566-1444
Visit the Source :  Sound Vision


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Sister’s Qiraatul Quran Competition 2008 at Mc Master University January 18, 2008

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Changes on Sister’s Monthly Lecture: Choose Your Life Partner December 8, 2007

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Title: ” Choose your life partner” PART 2

Sunday Dec 9, Time: 5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Location: Hamilton Downtown Mosque, 3rd floor “Not at Mohawk college as it was announced”

Speaker: Shaikh Abo Omar

Choose Your Life Partner – Lectures at Mohawk College (Sisters Only) November 24, 2007

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