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Speak Out: Israel must uphold international law! June 8, 2010

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Israel must uphold international law!


Send a message to
the Israeli Prime Minister
Nine civilians have been killed by Israeli armed forces aboard a ship carrying aid to the Gaza strip in defiance of the Israeli blockade. Israeli commandos boarded the aid flotilla ships in international waters without clear legal justification and therefore could be in violation of international law.

Israel says its forces acted in self-defence but the level of lethal force used by Israeli troops appears to have been out of all proportion to any threat posed.

The Israeli authorities have the primary responsibility to investigate the use of lethal force by its forces but given the international nature of this incident, there is also a need for an immediate international investigation. We are calling on Israel to launch an immediate credible and independent investigation into these killings, and to allow the UN access to conduct an international inquiry.


Please send a message to the Prime Minister of Israel, Binyamin Netanyahu calling on Israel to launch immediately an independent, credible and thorough investigation into these killings and fully cooperate with the UN or other competent body in any international inquiry that may be initiated.

683 messages have been sent to the Israeli Prime Minister. Click here to view public messages sent.


Beware! Non-Halal Candy Bars January 10, 2009

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All the below Masterfood Company Chocolate Products (Mars) are no longer Halal. They started using Animal product rennet(pork) in it for products that have expiry date after 1 st of October 2007.

Check this article from BBC News
And this from the Vegetarian Society


· Bounty
Dove Chocolate
Kudos (North America)
M-Azing (North America)
Mars Bar
Mars Delight
Milky Way
Minstrels (UK only)
Mars Planets (newly inroduced in UK)
Snickers (The top-selling candy bar in the United States. Known in the UK as Marathon until 1990.)
Starbur st (Originally Opal Fruits in the UK .)
3 Musketeers ( North America )
Snicker’s Marathon Energy Bar

Please forward this message to your friends.


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by Sheema Khan

During the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, I remember the stories emanating from France of young Muslim schoolgirls expelled for wearing the Hijab.

While many of the young sisters were permitted to return to school wearing the Hijab, wider questions had been raised.

How does a purely secular public school system accommodate religious beliefs? What about the issues of freedom and oppression of women? Were these girls influenced by the “integristes” of Algeria, who were aspiring to implement an Islamic government in the former French colony?

Was this another example of “immigrants” failing to integrate into French society (a favorite theme of le Front National, a national anti-immigrant party)? Was this the beginning of the end of the strict separation between church and state?

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Turks move to ease headscarf ban

protests against hijab

Lifting Turkey’s headscarf ban

Tajikistan: New Curbs Target Islamic Students

Islam Awareness Week January 21, 2008

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“On January 28-Feburary 1, McMaster MSA is holding Islam Awareness Week which includes, 3 lectures (check the attached poster) as well as a dawah booth every day in the Student centre. The lectures are beneficial for both Muslims and Non-Muslims, and address controversial topics facing the Muslim community today. See you there insha’Allah!”

McMaster MSA


Our Youth, How Safe Are They on the Internet? October 14, 2007

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The problem is clear, but what can we do to protect and save our youth from dangers such as these? One possible solution which parents can start with is to make sure their computer is set up in an open area of the home. Children should access it in their parents’ presence and for limited time periods. Parents must establish open communication with their children and educate them, as well as themselves, about the dangers of the Internet. One can take it even further and contact the local FBI community service or juvenile division, the prosecutor’s office, and the local board of education to present awareness workshops at their child’s school. People from these organizations would be more than willing to come in and assist you.

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