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About Us


As Salamu Alaikum Dear Brothers & Sisters!

We try to gather information on related news, events and updates interested by our community in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

We are not part of any organization or company however we do cooperation and share information with our community leading organizations such as mosques, associations and student groups.

Absolutely no political agenda or politicians will be supported or advertised by Hamilton Muslims Newsletter.

Our only goal and wish to try to bring related news connections to our community.

You can help us by submitting your news, updates, events or anything related specifically to our Muslim Community in Hamilton broadly in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Please help us to make a complete project.



1. Fatimah - August 11, 2007

May Allah reward you for your efforts. May Allah make it a beneficial site. Ameen.

2. Mohammed - August 18, 2007

Please correct the date of Muslim Day at Ontario Place from Aug 15 to the correct date of Aug 26, 2007

3. hamiltonmuslims - August 18, 2007

The dates on the top is the posting dates not the actual date of the event.

4. Hazem Z. - October 12, 2007

ALsalam Alikum Brothers and Sisters;
Happy Aid Fitr on you Insha Allah;
this is the first time access your site, Masha Allah Good Job,
I forget to introduce my self; I am Hazem Z, one of the web site team of Muslim Assosaition of Hamilton on the mountain and also take care of computers and networking system in the mountain mosque and Islamic school.
I would like to participating of any if you need help, also for the events for the Hamilton Muslim community we have also our web site with a event calender and we can share the events on it. http://freecal.brownbearsw.com/MAH;
again please let me know if any support or share info we can do it.

Hazem Z.

5. Nasir Sarwar - February 9, 2008

I am seeing a lot of old stuff still overburdening the site and unnecessarily causing a nuisance. Would you please mind to remove all the old stuff from your website?

6. Nasir Sarwar - February 9, 2008

comments and news items shold be viewed on the site in the order of latest first and then gradually going to older upto certain limit.

7. bibomedia - February 29, 2008


8. Hanan(Um Ali) - August 27, 2008

Good Job for this nice and clean layout. When they told me look at the web site, I thought I will find it boring and bad colors. but absloutely was wrong. Jazaakum Allah Khira.
If you need help with web design, I can help. I have diploma in web.
Hanan(Um Ali)

9. Ali Abdullah - January 31, 2009

THAT’S NOT ISRAEL – THAT’S JUDAH! the nation “misnamed” Israel today is actually the Biblical nation called Judah, which was comprised of the two tribes of Benjamin and Judah. Today’s “Israel” is comprised of only two tribes also, the tribes of Benjamin and Judah (collectively called Jews). Biblical Israel was always comprised of either 12 tribes, or 10 tribes after the death of King Solomon in 1 Kings chapter 11.

10. Sara - August 23, 2009

please do you you have anyone that teaches reading the quran for adults?

hamiltonmuslims - August 24, 2009

We know that Hamilton Downtown Mosque has courses by September through June. You may want to check with them.
Their email address is contact@downtonmosque.com
WSaalam Alaikum


11. Min Yunan - August 30, 2009

Assalaamu Alaikum,
Is there any arabic schools or lessons going on in hamilton for those who have no prior background in the language?

hamiltonmuslims - September 19, 2009

As we know there will be one course open in Fall at Hamilton Downtown Mosque.

12. Ali - September 18, 2009

JAK for this excellent blog. Please let me know if I can help you or support you in any way.

I have recently added a feed to this blog on the cordoba house website (cordobahouse.ca). I just wanted to make sure it is ok with you to do so. Please let me know.

13. Maqsood Khan - January 16, 2010

Assalamalikum Bro and Sisters. How many grades are there in Hamilton Islamic school and what is the monthly fees? I tried going to there website, but seems it is not working anymore. My email add is smartmax74x@yahoo.com

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